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  • Ep. 124: The Viticulture Counterculture w/ Randall Grahm and Nate Ready

    Viticulture is monoculture… but it doesn’t have to be. In Ep. 124, our guests discuss permaculture and natural farming, and so much more. In their quest to capture the past in order to change the future of winegrowing, they will go so far as to introduce genetic diversity from vine to vine.

    Behind the mics this week are Nate Ready, a former Master Sommelier, and the owner and farmer behind Hiyu Wine Farm; and Randall Grahm, A.K.A. the Rhône Ranger, the founder and vintner of Bonny Doon Vineyard.

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  • Ep. 122: Gray Water for Green Vineyards w/ Dr. Peter Gleick & Miguel García, PhD

    July 19, 2018

    Historic droughts followed by colossal atmospheric rivers? There’s a term for that: weather whiplash. As wine regions experience the highest highs and lowest lows back-to-back, vineyards are looking for ways to adapt. Our guests on Ep. 122 discuss the future of water use in winegrowing, from gray water to dry farming.

    Our aqua-experts are Dr. Peter Gleick, a leading water and climate scientist and the co-founder of the Pacific Institute; and Miguel García, PhD., the Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager at the Napa County Resource Conservation District.

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  • Ep. 120: “Anna-dotes,” aka The Six Pillars of Sustainability w/ Anna Brittain

    June 21, 2023

    Hello Wine World; we’re back! We kick off The Four Top’s sustainability season with Anna Brittain, executive director of Napa Green and Napa RISE. Anna lays out “the six pillars of sustainability,” sharing anecdotes—we call them “Anna-dotes”—to illustrate each one. Prepare to be surprised by Ep. 120.

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  • Ep. 48: Michelle Smith | Kelly Montoya | Julie O’Toole

    July 23, 2018

    Learn about selective eating and food phobias, two lesser-known eating disorders afflicting children. Next, discover Little Sous, a new concept for turning kids into confident cooks. And finally, a cookbook author and food blogger fills us in on raisins.

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