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Why should my company sponsor The Four Top?

The Four Top is a James Beard Award-winning national podcast that gathers expert panelists to discuss hot-button topics in wine and food. Host Katherine Cole and cohost Martin Reyes, MW, approach important topics with wit and wisdom, appealing to industry insiders and budding enthusiasts alike.

More and more companies are looking for alternative media to invest in. Podcast sponsorships get more traction than visual ads, because listeners are less likely to scroll past them, and more likely to trust brands that are recommended by their favorite hosts.

By choosing to advertise with The Four Top, you’ll not only support the work we do but reach a highly engaged, loyal audience made up of wine and food enthusiasts.

How does it work?

Our preroll and midroll ad-read packages are priced within reach.

You simply provide 3-5 talking points prior to recording to guide our host’s ad read. We always enjoy collaborating with brands to brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas (yes, we do taste products on mic!). Check out the Erath Education Series in episodes 90-95. An air check is provided before the episode goes live.

Boom-bada-bing, you’re spreading awareness about your brand to a highly qualified audience!

This season, we are offering a new and exciting perk: for sponsors who commit to exclusively supporting at least half the season, our team will collaborate with you to craft an educational audio series that your brand can continue to use internally, beyond the podcast. We hear from winery sales teams that digital audio is their preferred information medium, and we’ll work with you to create a short informational series that reps can tune into while on the road.

Supporters who join us for a “Full Case” (100% SOV full-season sponsorship) or a “Half Case” (100% SOV half-season sponsorship) qualify for this incredible value.

Interested? Email nick@thefourtop.org to learn more.

Previous Brand Partners & Testimonials:

“We love the show and we’re thrilled to work with The Four Top team. Collaborating with them is easy and fun and we know we’re reaching an engaged audience!” – Gran Moraine

“We have so enjoyed working with you! The Argyle team is so appreciative. Thank you so much!” – Argyle Winery

“It has been lovely to work with you all! Thank you for making a great segment for us this month.” – Willamette Valley Vineyards

“We love working with y’all! We’ve received consistent customers from your lovely podcast!” – Laughing Planet

        Lytle Barnett - Wine Club  Aubaine - Carlton Winemakers Studio