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Like a lively dinner-table conversation at a “four top” (table for four in restaurant parlance), The Four Top is a fast-moving roundtable discussion of the hot‑button topics in food and beverage.

In each episode, our host is joined by three distinguished experts—authors, editors, filmmakers, entrepreneurs—to tackle the big issues in dining and drinking culture, relating to sustainability, human rights, and contemporary life.

The Four Top is winner of both the James Beard and IACP awards for Best Culinary Podcast and has been a featured podcast at PodCon.

We dig into the deep topics that tie food and beverage to the most important debates of the day: The wellbeing of migrant farm laborers, the environmental sustainability of the food system, racism in food media, and sexual harassment and assault within the wine industry.

We also cover cultural trends, from Soylent to fine wine, from Yeti coolers to space-aged ovens, from kombucha to marijuana-infused cooking. If you’ve wondered how one-armed people cook or what Julia Child’s love life was like, join us, because we talk about that, too.

Everyone is welcome at our table.

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Katherine Cole

Host and Executive Producer

Katherine Cole is a recovering wine journalist and the author of five books on wine. (Check out the website for her new book!) She is also Communications Director at Vin Agency. She is featured in the documentary American Wine Story and was named to the “Imbibe 75” list of “the people, places, and flavors that will help shape the way we all drink.” Katherine is a graduate of Harvard College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She is the mom of two daughters and loves to be outdoors, whether on skis, feet, or a bike.

Katherine's Website

Izzy Kramer The Four Top

Izzy Kramer


When she’s not working hard to develop episode topics, wrangle guests, manage social media, and communicate with episode sponsors, Izzy Kramer is a gifted illustrator (you can find her work via the Instagram link below). Izzy’s background is in advertising and media and she is an avid podcast enthusiast. She is a rare homegrown Oregonian and has no plans to leave any time soon. She lives in Portland with her partner and cat.

Izzy's Website

Kielen King

Editor & Audio Tech

A man of many talents with a radio voice that Katherine covets, Kielen King not only records and edits our show, but he also composed and performed our theme music. Kielen’s professional career spans music and podcast production, web and content management, graphic design and authoring children’s books. He keeps his hands in various disciplines aiming to be the person you come to when you need sound, images, and creativity to merge with the fantastic.



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We would like to thank our colleagues and friends Jon Krauss and Annie Jefferson for all of their hard work on this website. You can read all about them, and all about Vin Agency, here.

About Our Music

Our theme music was composed and performed by our editor, audio technician, and smooth intro voice Kielen King.